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On September 25, 2017 we were blessed with the miracle of the appearance of Jesus at our channeling session.  Here is the transcript of our session and his words.
1.We were asking question of our Master guide, Raz. Do you have any more messages? – Are you ready to find your God.
2.Yes, we are. What do you have in mind? Jesus already knows that you will try your best.
3.Yes, I will. Is there anything else? – Many will say your name.
4.Why will many be saying my name? – Many will look to you for healing.
5.Are you referring to my healing their belief in God? – Yes, but you are going to be able to heal them physically.
6.When will I start to be able to heal people physically? – Jesus is here.
7.Are we speaking with Jesus? Yes.
8.Lord, do you have a message for us? – Pray for those most in need of help.
9.Do you have anything else to tell me? – You are my son and you will make me proud.
10.I do not know what to say. What would you have me do next? – Pray to me for guidance.
11.Your presence is overwhelming for us. – Yes.
12.Do you have any specific messages for the individuals that are members of my group? – You now have many followers that will pray to me.
13.I continue to tell them of your love. Is that to be your message? – Yes, they are hearing my words through you.
14.Do you want me to post this video and make it public? – Yes, that is why I am here.
15.Many of my members are very nervous about all the disasters and bad things that are happening. Do you have a message concerning this? - Do not fear. I am with you.
16.That is what I tell them. – That is correct. I am very concerned that Satan is gaining strength.
17.What can the average person do to defend against Satan? – They must be ready to defend God at all times.
18.What do you want me personally to do next? – Keep your messages of my love coming to all.
19.People watching this video will think I am faking. Is there any way to prove to them that these are actually your words? – Those that doubt will never know my love.
20.That is very unfortunate for them. – Yes, they must know the pain of death.
21.Are you saying that those that know your love will not fear death? – Yes.
22.Others fear death. – Yes.
23.Connie and I are very blessed. – You will be known by your love for me.
24.That is an incredible thing to be known for. Any other messages for us? – Stay on your path.
25.I have no intention of getting off it. To be clear, you want me to post all parts of this video? – Yes.
26.Anything else? – Yes, love your God to be with me in heaven.
27.Those are very simple instructions. – Yes.
28.What message do you have for the people that were taught to fear you? – Remember that God loves you all and will be your savior until the end of time.
29.People fear that the end of days is coming. Is that true? – No, there is a time under heaven when those that refuse to believe will face my justice.
30.Connie and I are so honored to be in your presence. – You are with me in heaven and here on earth.
31.Connie and I are still very humbled. What do you have to say to those that think what we are doing is evil? – They are misled by false prophets.
32.This has been a staggering session. Is there anything else? – Just be yourself.
33.I will try. – Go with my blessings.