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1.We were asking question of our Master guide, Raz. Do you have any more messages? – Are you ready to find your God.
2.Yes, we are. What do you have in mind? Jesus already knows that you will try your best.
3.Yes, I will. Is there anything else? – Many will say your name.
4.Why will many be saying my name? – Many will look to you for healing.
5.Are you referring to my healing their belief in God? – Yes, but you are going to be able to heal them physically.
6.When will I start to be able to heal people physically? – Jesus is here.
7.Are we speaking with Jesus? Yes.
8.Lord, do you have a message for us? – Pray for those most in need of help.
9.Do you have anything else to tell me? – You are my son and you will make me proud.
10.I do not know what to say. What would you have me do next? – Pray to me for guidance.
11.Your presence is overwhelming for us. – Yes.
12.Do you have any specific messages for the individuals that are members of my group? – You now have many followers that will pray to me.
13.I continue to tell them of your love. Is that to be your message? – Yes, they are hearing my words through you.
14.Do you want me to post this video and make it public? – Yes, that is why I am here.
15.Many of my members are very nervous about all the disasters and bad things that are happening. Do you have a message concerning this? - Do not fear. I am with you.
16.That is what I tell them. – That is correct. I am very concerned that Satan is gaining strength.
17.What can the average person do to defend against Satan? – They must be ready to defend God at all times.
18.What do you want me personally to do next? – Keep your messages of my love coming to all.
19.People watching this video will think I am faking. Is there any way to prove to them that these are actually your words? – Those that doubt will never know my love.
20.That is very unfortunate for them. – Yes, they must know the pain of death.
21.Are you saying that those that know your love will not fear death? – Yes.
22.Others fear death. – Yes.
23.Connie and I are very blessed. – You will be known by your love for me.
24.That is an incredible thing to be known for. Any other messages for us? – Stay on your path.
25.I have no intention of getting off it. To be clear, you want me to post all parts of this video? – Yes.
26.Anything else? – Yes, love your God to be with me in heaven.
27.Those are very simple instructions. – Yes.
28.What message do you have for the people that were taught to fear you? – Remember that God loves you all and will be your savior until the end of time.
29.People fear that the end of days is coming. Is that true? – No, there is a time under heaven when those that refuse to believe will face my justice.
30.Connie and I are so honored to be in your presence. – You are with me in heaven and here on earth.
31.Connie and I are still very humbled. What do you have to say to those that think what we are doing is evil? – They are misled by false prophets.
32.This has been a staggering session. Is there anything else? – Just be yourself.
33.I will try. – Go with my blessings.