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Terms and Conditions
1.We are not providing a professional service. The answers you will receive are for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any actions you take as a result of answers or information provided.
2. There are no guarantees to the results of the sessions. We are at the mercy of the spirit guides and have little control over the results.
3.You must be 18 years of age to subscribe to our services.
4.You must not solicit our services from a Country, State or municipality that legally prohibits such entertainment services.
5.Neither Connie Strohm, Barry Strohm nor any of our associates bear any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of answers or information supplied during the session.  
6.Any information provided is not intended as a substitute for any professional advice, included, but not limited to 1. Professional legal advice. 2. Medical advice. 3. Medical diagnosis, advice, treatment or guidance. 4. Financial or investment advice. 5. Personal life path decisions. 6. Psychological treatment or advice.
7.Any and all decisions that you make that are based in whole or in part upon information provided by Barry and Connie Strohm or anyone assisting in the session, will be your sole and exclusive responsibility.
8.Barry and Connie Strohm or any of their associates disclaims any representation, either express or implied, that the information provided in any session is accurate or complete.
9.If you are a skeptic or are blocking information in your mind, we may not be able to conduct the session. In the event that we are blocked from a session, we will refund ½ of the fees charged.
10.I will send you a paypal invoice for our anticipated services.    We can also take a credit card over the phone the evening of the session.  Payment is proof that you accept these terms and conditions. Payment must be made prior to the beginning of the session. 
11.We will arrange a suitable time for the session and I will place the call on skype.
12.All payments, unless otherwise noted, will be made through Paypal.
13.Any payment made for services is acknowledgement that you have read and agree with the terms and conditions as stated herein.

Connie and I will be scheduling board channeling sessions over skype on a limited basis. We will be charging $125 for an hour or $75 for a ½ hour. There is no limitation to distance as we have already channeled to South Africa, over 8,100 miles away. If you have an interest in one of these personal sessions, please fill out the form. During the session, we will have a video camera on the channeling board so that you will be able to watch the actual messages. In the event that you would like us to mail you a video of the session, we can send you an SD card for an additional $10.

If you have an interest in participating in a private board channeling session, please fill out the form to the right. In the request portion, let me know the reason for the session, the approximate time you would like to reserve, your time zone and a range of dates that would be convenient for you. I will either call or email you to discuss the session.  MAKE SURE YOU READ AND AGREE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS


1. Sign up for a skype account. You will need to have a video hookup.

2. Email your skype address to onestrohm@gmail.com. I will send you a skype request and you will have to confirm it. I will call you 5 minutes before the time scheduled for the session.

3. Write out your questions ahead of time. Most of us cannot remember questions when you realize there is actually a spirit presence.

4. For several nights before the session, pray for the desired spirit presence or the questions you want answered by your guides.

5. We will video the session but in the event you do not want the SD card, we will destroy all personal information.

6. Have a pencil and paper. You will need to write down the letters of the message as I call them out. Connie and I will need to be on the board and cannot write down the letters. I can remember short messages but we will need a written record of longer messages.

7. Keep in mind that the spirit and guide you are requesting must learn to use the channeling board and read our energy. There is a real possibility that they may not be able to come through on the board.

8. You may have another spirit come forward that you do not anticipate. Keep flexible and be ready to respond by asking questions.

9. Keep your questions simple and to the point. Yes and no questions are best. Ask one question at a time and wait for their response. This process is also new to the spirits involved. Feel free to verify that the requested spirit is actually present. Most clients ask one question that only the spirit could know.  

10. PAYMENT – The terms of payment are $75 for the first ½ hour. $125  for the first hour and $60 for each additional ½ hour. I will keep a video record of the movement on the board and the SD card can be mailed to you for an additional $10. If you want an SD card, you must send me your mailing address. If you have a paypal account, email me your account address and I will send you an invoice for the proposed time. If you do not have a paypal account, you can give me a credit card number over the phone and I will run it through the store charge system. Payment must be made before the session begins.

11. Check out the page “Personal Channeling” on my web site www.spiritspredict.com. Your submission of payment is verification that you have read the terms and conditions and you and anyone participating in the session are in agreement with them.