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Saint Martin of Tours speaks of the facts surrounding Christmas in a channeling session.
Saint Martin of Tours Speaks of the First Christmas

1.I ask for a master guide to answer my questions about Christmas. - MARTIN (Our guide for the evening was St. Martin of Tours. He has been with us on other occasions and provided us with exceptional information. I had prepared a list of questions concerning Christmas.)
2.Do you know the content of my questions? - YES. 
3.What year was Christ Born? - THERE IS NO RECORDED DATE.
4.Was Christ born in December - YES.
5.Is Dec. 25th close to his date of birth? - YES.
6.Is it possible he was born in 10 AD? - IT IS POSSIBLE.
7.Does Luke's claim that Jesus was born in Bethlehem at the time of Quirinius' census in 10 AD match the historical record? - YES (Mary and Joseph came to Bethlehem to be counted in the Quirinius census)
8.What does Christ think of the way we celebrate his birthday today? - DISSAPOINTED. IN YOUR TERMS TOO COMMERCIAL.
9.What was the year of the first Christmas celebration? - 23. NOT AS WE KNOW IT TO BE BUT, YES.
10.Did the birth of our Lord actually take place in a stable surrounded by farm animals? - YES.
11.A manger was actually a feeding trough. Did Mary actually place the baby Jesus in a feeding trough? - NO, HAY.
12.Which is more accurate, the gospel of Luke or the gospel of Matthew concerning the birth of Jesus? - TAKE SOME THING FROM EACH.
13.Were there any lost gospels that dealt with the birth of Jesus? - YES.
14.Did parts of the gospel of Mary Magdalene discuss the birth of Jesus? - YES.
15.Were there any others? JESUS.
16.Are you referring to the secret teachings of Jesus? - YES.
17.Will the secret teachings ever be known? - NOT ENTIRELY.
18.Will what remains of the information be known in the near future? - UNCERTAIN.
19.Did Melchior, Caspar, and Balthazar actually visit the Baby Jesus? - YES.
20.Were they wise men or kings? - SAME.
21.Why did the wise men visit the baby Jesus? - OF THEIR OWN ACCORD.
22.Were the shepherds the first to visit the Baby Jesus? - INNKEEPER.
23.Was there anyone else that visited the baby before the shepherds? - HANDS.
24.Are you referring to barn workers? - YES.
25.Did an angel lead the shepherds to the baby? - NOT PERSE.
26.What led them? - STAR, VERY BRIGHT.
27.Was the Star of David the evening star, Jupiter? - YES.
28.Why were shepherds selected to visit the Baby Jesus? - PART OF THE PLAN. STORIES WOULD COME.
29.Did astrologers visit the baby Jesus? - NOT KNOWN.
30.How did decorated trees become a tradition of celebration? - SIMILAR TO THE JESSE. TREE. IN BIBLE, DAVID. (The Tree of Jesse is a depiction in art of the ancestors of Christ, shown in a tree which rises from Jesse of Bethlehem, the father of King David).
31.Did Martin Luther have anything to do with using Christmas trees as celebration? - YES.
32.What was the origin of gift giving at Christmas? - ROMAN.
33.Didn't they give gifts to pagan gods? - YES. NOT THE SAME AS SAINT NICK.
34.Was Saint Nicholas the original Santa Claus? - HE WAS.
35.Early celebrations were called the feast of the Nativity. Why was the name changed to Christmas? - CHANGED AFTER THE DAY OF THE SUN.
36.I thought the name Christmas came from the Catholic "Christ Mass". - YES.
37.What is the opinion of Christ about the way we celebrate Christmas? - LOST THE MEANING.
38.What changes would Christ make in the way we celebrate Christmas? - KEEP IT SIMPLE WITH JESUS FOREMOST.
39.Do you have any other message for us concerning Christmas? - SHOULD BE A HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION NOT A NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

St. Martin of Tours (316 – 397) - Perhaps the best known of the Christian Saints, Martin was born in Hungary but spent much of his childhood in Italy and his adult life in France. Conscripted into the Roman army he is perhaps best known for using his sword to cut his military cloak and giving it to a beggar that was freezing in the street. After being released from the army because he wanted to be a soldier for Christ, he lived as a monk, often in seclusion. A disciple recorded his life and miracles in detail, providing a detailed description of a remarkable soldier in Christ.
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